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Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rod  (FRP)

Product Usage :
• FRP is used as central or peripheral strength member in uni tube or multi tube cables .
• The very unique & specific combination of glass reinforcement with resin gives strong, reliable, high performance capabilities and cost effective FRP rods.
Product Details :
• FRP provides strength to the cable while maintaining required stiffness /flexibility .
• FRP prevents cable buckling especially during temperature change.
• FRP has advantage of high temperature resistant property with high torsion strength .
• FRP is produced with E-Glass with high temperature resistance .
• FRP can be produced with various coating as per the usage , like with EAA coating .
• Various length options provides flexibility & throughput on production floor .
Product Features :
• Used as non-metallic strength member
• High tensile Modulas • Prevents buckling
• Low cost
• Provides protection during installation and reduces stress on cable
• Flexibility and ease in production
• Lightweight to handle
• Consistent dimensional stability
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